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SuperSU ZIP Beta can be named as the super user access management tool of the future. Chainfire is the developer behind great SuperSU. Among the great inventions of the chainfire, SuperSU beta zip can be named as a milestone for their inventions. SuperSU, CF Auto Root, TriangleAway and CF.lumen are the other inventions of Chainfire. Presently chainfire has released SuperSU root for Android 6.0 without modifying the system partitions. Now SuperSU ZIP Beta became the latest and major stride taken by Chainfire and it became the most popular and powerful tool among android users because of its performance and user-friendliness.


According to the chainfire their new project SuperSU APK will moves to the hands of Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC for the implementation of chainfire’s new concept. But luckily Chainfire still involve on SuperSU, they didn’t left it. The CCMT have already invested on various rooting applications which have millions of users in android community in recent past.

The SuperSU tool allows you many amazing feature to your fingertips. SuperSU allows you for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps which are needed for the rooting process that a huge benefit for android users.

Latest Download SuperSU Root ZIP

magisk apk


Benefits of SuperSU Root

  • A cleaner approach and design
  • Easy to unroot
  • An unlittered/system partition
  • Prevent unwanted things like “sugote”, which are not needed on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Easy OTA because of reflash boot image
  • 6. You don’t have the correct Kernel installation because SuperSU doesn’t soft brick your device.

There are some negative points also in SuperSU. Before stating off a clean slate you need to reflash your stock system. Because it removes your root files. But in other older methods it doesn’t clean up the root files.

SuperSU Beta - Root Android 6.0 Marshmallow without Modifying System Partitions

SuperSU root beta zip has been released as an experimental version for the users and this includes some bugs. It can be a somewhat mess for the users. The major bug is when your devices do a factory resetting the device will remove root. This can be named as the major bug that have in SuperSU root beta zip. But we can surly say Chainfire will resolve this issue immediately.

Rooting Procedure:

- flash/upgrade to Marshmallow

- flash modified boot.img

- flash/boot TWRP and sideload latest v2.50+

In modern rooting processes, to start the rooting process users need files to be executable and user’s daemon. Normally this process runs after doing modifications to system, tapping into binaries and scripts executed by in it. If you modifying the boot image, then you should be able to do all this without modifying system at all. Because of that you gain benefits such as easy OTAs - reflashing the boot image is less irritation than reflashing system.

Caveats of SuperSU Root Beta

  • Apps with hardcoded paths to su (seriously?) will Bork
  • Factory reset unroots
  • Factory reset wipes pin

Instructions before using SuperSU Root Beta

As the first step you need to reflash your stock system or separate root instances which are affecting with each other. The installer which use for this process will not removes you’re old root files. If your device’s roots files are get deleted the process will not successful and you have to face numerous obstacles.

-Flash stock /system (and /vendor and /oem, if present)

-Flash the attached boot image

-Flash the attached SuperSU ZIP in TWRP

Get Supersu v2.82 zip Update Version

SuperSU Zip is an application with several versions. But due to some issues, that was unable to perform well in near history. Some malfunctions have been reported and users were not very happy with the functioning of the application. But now, it’s time to reconsider.

The latest version 2.82 of SuperSu

The latest version of SuperSU is the most recent evolution in Google PlayStore. It has been developed by a XDA senior recognized developed called Chainfire. Though it is a recent addition, it has been already utilized by most users worldwide.

In the initial versions of the software, most users had to experience several issues and the update has come up with a quick bug fix. Although almost all the issues have not been addressed Chainfire and the CCMT Company has been able to release a more improved application under the name “SuperSU v 2.82”.

Issues related with SuperSU

Initial v2.80 of application had a bootloop issue on some Xperia devices which are running the older Android version. As the version available in Google PlayStore is without the fix, if the user is facing the issue, he or she will need to go for the latest ZIP file available on Chainfire’s server. The previous version also included some errors related to updating and rooting procedures. But now, you won’t be able to experience most of the things mentioned above.

Improvements in the Latest Edition

  • Lots of bug fixes are enclosed in the latest edition.
  • It can be used on many Android devices including Nougat with more stability.
  • Ability to use options related with SELinux handling.
  • The most special feature is this latest version is able to work with the devices which have Android O Developer Preview 2.
  • Even though still this cannot be used on Google Pixel and Pixel XL, soon they also will be added to the compatible list with the invention of version SR1 and SR2.
  • Boot image signing is also another feature which is to be added into the next version of this application. That will be a latest feature as now it has been the main requirement to sign all boot images on Google pixel and Pixel XL due to some security issues.

How to install the latest SuperSU

The procedure is not very hard.

  • First thing you need to do is flashing the SuperSU zip linked mentioned below.
  • Now you need to reboot the device. its important to flash the zip link before the rebooting process.
  • Then you need to flash the VerifiedBoot Signer zip. That is all you need to do.

Supported devices:

The initial versions of the application supported many devices. But later they dropped the support for Éclair and Froyo devices. So Android gingerbread is the oldest version which you can use the application.

Latest SuperSU ZIP Change-logs

26.12.2015 - v2.65 – SuperSU ZIP BETA

  • (system less) Add /su/xbin to su.img and PATH
  • ZIP: Fixed force close issue when custom boot image is used
  • ZIP: Reworked remounting (prevents bugged write to r/o /system on flo)
  • ZIP: Added warning that first reboot may take a few minutes/loops

20.12.2015 - v2.64 – SuperSU ZIP BETA

  • (systemless) Detect more boot image partition names
  • (systemless) Blank partitions before writing to them
  • (systemless) Ask to restore boot and recovery images on full unroot
  • (systemless) Implement "uninstall competing superuser apps"
  • (systemless) Samsung: prevent "KERNEL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING" warning
  • (systemless) Cleanup system install properly if present, fixes a number of possible bootloops
  • ZIP: 6.0+: Detect firmwares that can reload sepolicy from /data and use system-based root on these ("allow init kernel:security { load_policy }") supolicy: Additional SELinux patches for M (reduced logging only)
  • Update translations

10.12.2015 - v2.62 – SuperSU ZIP BETA

  • (systemless) Do not attempt to patch fstab symlinks
  • (systemless) Implement feature to en/disable Superuser
  • (systemless) Poor man's overlay on /system/xbin for compatibility reasons (hopefully temporary) [BINDSYSTEMXBIN]
  • (systemless) ZIP: Add reading setup variables from /system/.supersu and /data/.supersu
  • (systemless) ZIP: Add option to patch /system to rw in fstab [FSTABSYSTEMRW]
  • (systemless) ZIP: Added call to custom patcher script, if any (/data/
  • (systemless) ZIP: Fix calling wrong script name for custom patcher script
  • (systemless) ZIP: Improve APK overwrite
  • (systemless) ZIP: Do not move backups from /cache to /data, just copy them

How to Root Android 6.0 Marshmallow with SuperSU Root

Credit for SuperSU Root Beta ZIP

SuperSU root beta tool is developed by Chainfire, he done a great job for the Android development community. Thanks for XDA Team for researching and distributing freely.