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Welcome to the SuperSU Zip download page. Now you can easily download the latest updated versions of SuperSU Zip from this page. SuperSU Zip is introducing as one of a best user access management tool for future. Chainfire is developer of this great invention and the developer has released SuperSU root recently for Android 6.0 and the special thing is he released this without modifying the system partitions. You can download zip download file or the unzip download file form here.

Latest Download SuperSU Zip


Benefits of SuperSU Root

  • System partition/ An unlettered
  • Easy to unroot
  • Easy OTA because of reflash boot image
  • A cleaner approach and design
  • You don’t have the correct Kernel installation because SuperSU doesn’t soft brick your device
  • Prevent unwanted things like “sugote”, which are not needed on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Rooting Procedure

  • Flash modified boot.img
  • Flash/boot TWRP and sideload latest v2.50+
  • Flash/upgrade to Marshmallow

Credit For SuperSU Zip

A special thank goes to the great developer Chainfire, for his great contribution for the Android development tools with so many inventions as SuperSU, CF Auto Root and TriangleAway.. And again a big thank goes to XDA, for their remarkable contribution for the Android community.